Pest control Maidstone

Do you have a pest infestation that needs to be managed immediately? Ultimate Pest Control use a variety of methods to achieve success rates for getting rid of ants, insects and other pests. From ultra violet fly units, to live capture, we can have your pest problem under control immediately.


We control all types of pests:

Wasps nests



Hornets and Bees




Mole removal

Rat control

All flies


Mice control


Pigeons & seagulls


Bed bugs treatment Insects Stored grain insects
Silver Fish Fire Brats Spring Tails
Book Lice Wood Lice Spiders


We use a variety of expert methods for pest control:

Gasing and fumigation

Electronic fly killer installation

Bird proofing, netting & spikes

Long nettingĀ 

Bird optical gels, post and rail systems

ULV applicationsĀ 

Guano clearance

Insecticides, Pesticides

Crop protection

Trapping& Monitoring

Store grain insect control

Falconry and Hawking



Sewer and drain control

Air Gun Shooting


Pest Control Kent

If you have a pest infestation in your home or business premises then please do not hesitate to contact Ultimate Pest Solutions today! We offer a fast and effective pest control service throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London.

Call us today on: 01233 626 637

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